Jour : janvier 28, 2019

Nicolle Meyer

Leaving your ego aside, and in its place letting your intuition be the guide. Allowing MariCarmen, META, to be inspired not only by the person

Antonieta Beristain

La riqueza de la pintura consiste en poder expresar el sentir plasmado en un lienzo con pinceles y colores. Meta además, logra descifrar la incógnita

Guadalupe Mendoza

Intercambio de miradas profundas, serenas, amorosas, benévolas, miradas que hablan, que callan, que expresan, que conectan, miradas que no solo ven mi cuerpo desnudo, miran

Patricia Ann Talley

The force starts in her soul, rooted in the energy of the earth. Then, it flows through her heart, a heart full of love. Then

Wendy Worrell Page

My main memory of posing for my friend Meta was feeling joy. I knew she would capture my essence. I just embraced the silent process